Ensuring Quality: Cytech System’s Commitment to Supplier Classification

As an electronic component supplier, Cytech System places a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality of their products. They have implemented a comprehensive supplier classification system that helps them maintain high standards throughout their supply chain. In this blog post, we will explore how Cytech System ensures quality by categorizing their suppliers into different levels, thereby safeguarding the integrity and reliability of the components they provide.

Supplier Classification Levels

Level 1: Original Manufacturer, Category Distributor, Franchised Distributor

At the top of the hierarchy are the original manufacturers and franchised distributors, ensuring that Cytech System sources components directly from reputable sources. These suppliers have a proven track record, established quality control processes, and are authorized by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or component manufacturers. By partnering with level 1 suppliers, Cytech System secures high-quality components that meet industry standards.

Level 2: OEM, ODM, EMS Factories

Level 2 suppliers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) factories. These suppliers may produce components or assemble electronic products based on customer specifications. Cytech System works closely with level 2 suppliers to ensure adherence to quality standards and specifications, fostering strong partnerships for reliable component sourcing.

Level 3: Qualified Suppliers with Third-Party Certification

Level 3 suppliers are qualified suppliers who have obtained third-party certifications validating their quality management systems and processes. These certifications serve as an additional assurance of their commitment to maintaining quality standards. Cytech System engages with level 3 suppliers who have demonstrated their dedication to quality control and continuous improvement.

Level 4: Unqualified Supplier (Blacklist)

Level 4 comprises suppliers who do not meet the required quality standards and have been deemed unqualified. These suppliers are placed on a blacklist to ensure they are not considered for future sourcing. Cytech System exercises strict scrutiny and due diligence to avoid engaging with suppliers on the blacklist, safeguarding their reputation and the quality of the components they provide.


Cytech System’s commitment to quality is demonstrated through their robust supplier classification system. By categorizing suppliers into different levels based on their credibility and reliability, Cytech System ensures that they source components from trusted sources. Through stringent evaluation, continuous monitoring, and a focus on improvement, Cytech System upholds their commitment to delivering high-quality electronic components to their customers. By maintaining a strong supply chain with reliable suppliers, they establish themselves as a trusted partner in the electronic component industry.

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