The Five Best Features Of The Live Streaming App To Make You Stand Out

Video streaming apps are becoming more popular among the public. The increase in their use is due to the increased internet connectivity and accessibility of smartphones. Live streaming apps allow people to attend any conference or concert from their own homes.

This allows people to interact with other cultures, learn new things, share ideas, and work freely. It is important to choose live streaming app development companies that consider a few factors before creating an app that stands out in a competitive marketplace.

These are the five key features you should consider before creating a live streaming app.

Provide value to your customers

You should consider what you want your users to get out of your live streaming app and what the product’s value will be to them before you start building it. It is not enough to have the most advanced technology and smartest app. The potential to draw users to your products is essential. This could be achieved by providing an experience, entertainment, connection, challenge, and allowing them do something they are not able to do before. You can then move forward once you have the answers to this question.

Choose the right platform

First, choose the operating system that you want to develop for. You should develop for all operating systems if you have a lot of resources. You can’t focus on just one of these, so you should consider both Android and iOS. Next, you need to decide if your app will be native (only works on smartphones) or hybrid (works on both mobiles as well as computers via the internet). The goal of your app and the target audience will help you make this decision. A native-based app is written using a platform-based programming language. However, the hybrid one can be used on multiple platforms because their codes are written in JavaScript CSS and HTML.

Add features to make you stand out from the rest

Live-streaming apps are a way to distinguish yourself from other market players. Your users will have a truly unique experience with 360o video, VR (virtual Reality) or AR (augmented Reality) technology. Adding these features to your live streaming app will make your app stand out in a highly competitive market.

Selecting a Video Streaming Method

While developing the first version, live broadcasting would suffice. This means that users won’t be able store their video on the server and can’t stream them later. After you have a team that is proficient in developing live streaming apps, you can start to grow your user base. Then you can add the “see later” feature which would allow users to view broadcasts as they are completed. You will need plenty of storage to make this happen. This could be possible with cloud servers. Cloud servers allow for flexibility in case your users grow. It’s also affordable.

Easy and accessible registration

Remember to register users through their social media profiles when you develop your live streaming app. Users will be able log in quickly by doing this. This will make it much easier to register users. It will make the registration process easier and encourage more users to sign up for the app. This type of feature will also attract new users.

It is also important to give users options if they don’t want to sign up for their social media accounts. It is common for people to forget their passwords, so you should add a recovery password function to your app.

You should also allow your user the ability to create personal profiles in addition to the features already mentioned. These are just a few of the features you can add to your live streaming app. There are always challenges when developing an app. It is important to do your research and find out what the market is offering. This will also encourage you to consider your unique ideas.

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