Discover the Most Prestigious Sic Bo Games Today

Now, the playground reputable dice games is being sought after by many bettors. Sic Bo game is loved because of its simple gameplay, high payout rate, bringing large amounts of money to players. Let’s New88 Discover quality Sic Bo game portals for bettors to experience.
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How to play Online Sic Bo game correctly

To find reputable dice games In today’s market, bettors need to understand the most basic way to play Over/Under:

The online Sic Bo game is conducted with 3 dice with corresponding side values ​​from 1 to 6. Each game will have from 3 to 7 players, bettors need to bet on the boxes. Bets are displayed on the game board.

Bettors will bet on one of the two simplest bets: Over and Under according to the dice score as follows:

  • Over: The total score of the dice is 11 – 17
  • Under: The total score of the dice is 4 – 10.

Besides, you can also bet on other bets such as: Bet on identical sets of 3, pair bets, total bets, number bets, odd even bets, etc. How to play a reputable Sic Bo game is not too difficult, brother. You just need to pay attention to the bets and choose the right bet level to be able to bring big rewards to your pocket.

Reputable Sic Bo games at betting game portals

To help bettors find reputable online Sic Bo playgrounds and win big prizes, here are a few suggestions for top quality betting game portals today:

King Fun online Sic Bo game portal

King Fun game portal is always highly rated in the top reputable dice games Currently, this is a unique betting playground that many bettors choose to participate in entertainment every day. The game portal interface is modernly designed with unique images and details that will certainly bring wonderful moments of entertainment to bettors.

Advantages of King Fun online Sic Bo portal:

  • King Fun is known as an intuitive, simple, and attractive playground
  • Over/Under bets are made quickly and are easy to play
  • Kinh Fun also has the participation of famous KOLs who livestream live
  • Attractive reward events, offers and promotions take place every week.
  • Simple deposits and withdrawals and quick transaction times.

Fa88 Sic Bo game portal

Contribute to the top reputable dice games Fa88 Over/Under Paradise is definitely indispensable. This is the most famous betting playground on the market with a diverse store of entertaining games.

Fa88 not only brings attractive Sic Bo games with high-class betting levels and betting tables but also brings new experiences to gamers with many modern features.

Advantages of Fa88 Sic Bo game portal:

  • Bettors will enjoy attractive reward regimes.
  • Images and interface are invested with beautiful graphics.
  • High access speed, smooth and lag-free.
  • Fast and convenient deposit and withdrawal is the factor that helps this Sic Bo game portal attract a large number of players.

RikVip Sic Bo Game Portal

The next name that cannot be ignored in the top reputable dice games That is the RikVip game portal. This game portal playground is highly rated and ranks at the top of the most prestigious Sic Bo games on the market today. Bettors will experience high-class Sic Bo games with the most beautiful Dealer girls.

Advantages of over/under RiKvip brings to players:

  • Unique interface and images in the game are simulated realistically.
  • Game access speed is fast, saving maximum time for players.
  • The customer care team always puts customers’ interests first, providing 24/7 information support.

Sunwin Over/Under game portal

Sunwin Over/Under is definitely an indispensable game portal in the top reputable dice games most today. This is a betting playground that is very familiar to bettors as it has appeared in the Vietnamese market for quite a long time. Sunwin is committed to bringing players exciting experiences in Sic Bo games with betting features and high reward rates. The Sic Bo game here is always active with attractive betting tables.
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Advantages of Sunwin Sic Bo game portal:

  • The game portal interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Sunwin is accessible on both mobile devices and computers.
  • Players can easily join anytime, anywhere with high security policy.


From the above sharing of New88, surely you bettors already know the detailed information about reputable dice games currently in the category Casino. I hope you choose a quality betting playground and bring home big bonuses.

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