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How is the most accurate cross-lottery done? This is inherently a fast way to play, helping you earn much higher profits than playing with white or two players. To achieve absolute efficiency, the cross lotteries method requires research and investment. Let the article www.new889.blue Help you with tips and numbers with the highest success rate!

Find out what is cross lottery?

Cross lottery betting will be done in one bet by selecting and reviewing results for more than one lottery number at the same time. To win, all the numbers you choose must appear at the same time in the participating lottery results table.

Slot lotteries are also divided into many types, although the participating methods are similar but the numbers are different. The basic types that are most often used are: Multiple numbers 2, 3 and 4. Corresponding to this, the player will choose from 2, 3 or 4 2-digit numbers to play at the same time.

When the skewers match exactly the results of the last 2 numbers in all prizes, you will win. If you only win 1 number, it is still not counted as winning the bet.

Distinguish different types of skewed lotteries

The ultimate goal of this method is still the amount of bonus the player receives. So do you know how much money each type of dice will win?

Skewer 2

How to play 2-way or double-cross lottery? First, the player will choose 2 numbers in the range from 00 to 99 that are determined to have the highest return rate. Pair together, for example sets: 45 – 16 or 29 – 48, etc. Players proactively deposit capital as they like and wait for the results to see if this pair of numbers will appear in the lottery table at the same station that day.

If it appears, it means you have definitely won 2. If there is only 1 number, the player is not counted as a winner. What is the payout rate when a player plays 2-way lottery?

  • The North: The traditional payout ratio is 1:10. That means with a capital of 10,000 VND you will receive 100,000 VND if you win. This ratio will depend on each bookmaker and will range from 10 – 17.
  • Southern and Central regions: 1 lot point here will cost about 29,000 VND. The eating rate is usually quite high when play lotto 2 is 1:22, which means capital calculated by 1 point will earn 650,000 VND. Some bookmakers may pay this bonus higher, but the maximum is only up to 1:27.

Skewer 3

The player will randomly choose 3 numbers with the highest probability, for example: 42 – 30 – 74. If the odds match perfectly with the results in the lottery table, the player is considered a winner. If 1 or 2 numbers in the set are not present, the player will lose their bet. So if you play a 3-way lottery, how much money will the player win?
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  • According to the North: At traditional recording points, the winning level is usually 1:40. If you bet 10,000 VND for a set of 3 parlays, the amount you receive when you win is: 40,000 VND. Some online bookmakers have payout odds of up to 1:50, so players can consider choosing.
  • The South and Central regions have similar winning rates, with a capital point of 44,000 VND, the player will win 3,500,000 VND, approximately 1:80. However, with online betting you can receive 150 times your bet.

Skewer 4

With the same betting method as cross 2 and cross 3, the player will choose 4 different numbers to pair, for example: 12 – 03 – 65 – 91. If the lottery results table matches the 4 numbers given, Choosing means you have won. With the 4-way bet, the winning rate is relatively low, but in return the reward is more attractive.

  • The North: the payout ratio is 1:100 with traditional bookmakers and 1:150 with online bookies.
  • Southern and Central regions. With a capital of about 60,000 VND, if you win you will win 10 million immediately.

You need to firmly grasp the winning rate of each type when playing cross lotto to choose the most suitable way to play. At the same time, you must consider all factors and conduct careful research before investing capital.

Suggest the cross lotteries that have the highest winning rate

The easiest way to play parlays, applied today by experts, is to use numbers that often go together. Below are some summaries and suggestions that have been tested for effectiveness that not everyone knows:

  • Play 2-way lottery with sets: 37 – 10, 52 – 47, 66 – 01, 59 – 96, 61 – 83, 92 – 07, 48 – 32.
  • The most standard skewer: 52 – 22 – 76, 47 – 11 – 84, 76 – 26 – 81, 45 – 51 – 69.
  • With skewer 4, finding the rule of togetherness is relatively complicated, so far very few people have had the solution.

Hopefully through this article you have a clear understanding of how to play the lottery. Choosing this method requires investment of time and meticulousness in the process of finalizing numbers. Therefore, combining the suggestions on the skewers we have provided will soon help you make big profits.

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